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Slate: March 17

From one extreme to the next this week! We enjoyed the couple days of warm weather while they lasted & made the best of a snowy, windy, & cold day today. It was a great week for both of the boys as their time here draws to an end.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity on Wednesday, with the almost 70º weather, to give horses baths to wash the winter off. Slate stood well for his bath.

We spent time out on the gravel roads. It seems everyone else was taking the opportunity to be out & about in the nice weather as well. We met several vehicles & Slate had no problem pulling over to the side & letting them pass on a loose rein.

We also had enough snow melt away from the creek banks that we were able to get down into the creek for the first time & ride through the cattle. While Slate can sometimes still be nervous about crossing over the culverts on the lane, he literally walked right into the creek without a care. We did find a soft spot which he handled well; I got him pointed towards the bank & he climbed up with no issue. We found a better spot & he walked the creek without issue.

Other than our first day in the creek where we stayed in the snaffle (I wanted there to be no confusion in case I had to pick up & help them maneuver), we've continued to ride in the little broken-mouthed shank bit with great success.

Along with progressing our previous exercises, we have begun working on the early stages of neck reining. Slate has begun to figure out responding to that outside rein laid against his neck.

Over the next week, we'll continue to refine all exercises & continue to get out & about to experience as much as we can off of the place before it's time for them to go home. I'm hoping that the weather cooperates so that we can make it over to the Wildlife Management Area for a ride, too.


Next week's update will be posted on Sunday.


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