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Redmond Equine


Redmond Equine loves horses, so they understand that when your horse feels good, you feel good. They provide natural, effective products that let you focus on what you love about your horse without worrying about their health.

Redmond Equine products have been another staple in my horse health & nutrition program for the past several years including the Redmond Rock Crushed (& with Garlic), Daily Gold, Daily Gold Stress Relief Syringe (I won't be without this product in the rare event of a colic episode), Redmond Electrolytes, & Red Edge Poultice. They offer solutions for: stress & digestion, mineral balance, hydration & recovery, complete wellness , & topical products. 

Place your ORDER HERE or you're welcome to use code "Lexy20" for 20% off of your order.

LNH Go-to Favorites

Hand-selected resources that we use daily & believe in here at LNH.

Quick Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning when you click the link to purchase something, it won't cost you more, but Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship may receive a commission for sharing this with you.

LN Custom Cinches, Mecates, & More

Lexy's Sister Business

In Lexy's 'spare-time,' she enjoys creating custom mohair tack. These items include: straight, cutter, & roper-style cinches; mecate, loop, & split reins; pulling, straight, & roper-style breastcollars; & more!

LNH uses these custom cinches & pulling collars on a daily basis & won't use anything else!​

Lexy's Sister Business

Snapping photos has been a constant part of Lexy's life. It wasn't until 2020 that she decided to make it something that she would offer to others. Many of the photos that you see here on the website & Facebook pages are a glimpse into this portion of her life. In 2021, Lexy expanded to include select graphic design projects. 

Lexy has done all of her own website & graphic design.

Ridge Creek Tack


LNH is honored to be affiliated with Ridge Creek Tack!

Ridge Creek Tack is a horse(wo)man's jackpot! Quality tack for incredibly reasonable prices with oodles of size & color options to choose from! Ridge Creek Tack is my top recommendation for many of the required items to attend my clinics!

The first product that I purchased was a gorgeous loping hackamore. Now, my tack room is full of Ridge Creek Tack products. I have a collection of stiff knotted rope halters & 14-15 foot training lines & there's no other place that I will purchase my yacht rope mecate, performance, loop, & split reins. Other products include neck ropes, war bridles, bitless options, so much more! If there's a product or color that you don't see, she can do custom orders as well.

There's almost always a Ridge Creek Tack item in the photos posted on the LNH Facebook page.

Receive 10% off of your order using code "Lexy2019" when checking out. This can be used during sales, but not with other coupon codes.

Hay Chix


I can't say enough good things about Hay Chix hay nets! I have several of the heavy duty big round bale nets for all client horses, square bale nets, half bale, & mini nets. There are so many benefits to using these nets: reduced hay waste, improved horse health, & saves time & money to name a few. They are one of the best purchases that you can make for your horses. I'll never go back to pitching hay daily every again. 

Lacy Boots

Product I Love

I've been a huge fan of Lacy Boots from the moment I put my first pair on. Now, I rarely wear anything else. Whether you like a tall or shorter boot, they have many colors & hair-on-hide options & foot & calf size options. 

Lacy Boots are specifically designed to incorporate riding boots with top of the line comfort and protection. Their tall performance boots feature XRD® Extreme Impact Protection Technology, used in the shin area of the boots to give you the maximum protection from impact to your shins.   The most advanced, wearable impact protection technology available to protect your shins from hits.

Dove Performance Nutrition


Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship is a Dover Performance Nutrition Dealer! 

D&D Nutrition is a fast-growing feed company based out of Texas.

DPN's forage-based feed products have been a staple in Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship's nutrition program along with their Equi-Mend (Advanced Gastric Support), Smooth Strydes (Complete Joint Complex), & TD Treats. 

I've traveled many miles to have this feed in my program & to make it available to those in North Central Nebraska. It's safe to say that I won't feed anything else as long as it's available to us here in Nebraska.

I do my best to keep Magnify, OMG, & AlfaLux alfalfa cubes in stock here in Johnstown. I also travel along Highway 20 back to the Northeast Nebraska area at least once a month & often bring feed with me for customers in the area.

For more information, check out the Dove Performance Nutrition - Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship Facebook group, where you can learn more about each their feed products, what & how I feed, & stay up to date on feed orders. 

If you'd like to give D&D Nutrition a try with your horses, reach out! I would love to help you make that happen!

Other GO-TO & Favorite Products on Amazon

Amazon Storefront

Visit our storefront on Amazon to browse through some of our other favorite products. They are categorized to make it easy to find what you might be interested in. From products we use daily on the ranch, grooming must-haves, tech products that we love, books we've read & recommend, & more, you're sure to find something that brings value to your operation in one way or another. 
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