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Rowdy: September 10

What a lovely week in Nebraska! 😉 Upper 90's Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, 105º on Thursday, & 55º & raining on Friday.

While the weather made for shorter sessions this week, Rowdy has continued to progress. We did get a couple of first sessions in the round pen. Rowdy can be a bit hesitant to be led outside of his pen, leaving Slate behind & again leading into the round pen. The first couple of times, I had to back him out of the pen & into the round pen. The past couple of sessions, he'll hesitate but will follow me out the gate now.

Round penning has gone well so far. He moves out without a lot of effort on my part. We've continued to work on Desensitizing to the Lead Rope & Stick & String, Yielding the Hindquarters & Forequarters, & have added Backing as well.

Today, during our brushing & photo session, Rowdy seemed to enjoy that time tied at the trailer & nearly fell asleep while having his mane braided.


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.


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