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Roach: March 9

This week, we got a couple more rides in under saddle. We did remain at the walk with the weather keeping things fairly frozen. We also started to work the back cinch & bit back into our routine. Typically, I'm quite pleased with where Roach will end his sessions at the end of the day. Though it can take a fair bit of time to get to that point as he tends to start each session a bit reactive as if it's only his 2nd or 3rd time being saddled. I would love to see him mentally carry over from the previous day's session a bit better.

On the bridling front, he's done quite well. This is the first week that I used my Missing Link Snaffle (made by Pat Puckett) & he's gotten along with it well & enjoys playing with the cricket. He's also proved that he's learned to hold the bit up on his own as I could leave the headstall dangle while he holds it when I go to remove the bridle.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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