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Roach: February 4

I'm so pleased with the week that Roach had!

On Monday, Roach got himself into a bit of a pickle. He just hung out in there the bale ring patiently until I came out & created enough energy in him to jump out. Monday night, he must have stepped back in with only his front feet. Again, he was patiently waiting for me the next morning. With the snow & icicles falling off of the barn, he didn't want to turn his back in that direction so that he could eat the hay on that side, instead thinking the better option was to climb into the ring so he could reach it. Silly horses.

We continued to ride in his pen, working on his gas pedal, brake, & steering. Though this isn't my usual way of putting first rides on a young horse, it's been so good for Roach. As soon as he pulls up beside the fence to pick me up, he gets quite relaxed. This should lead to him being a horse that actually wants to hang out with you over looking for other horses, the trailer, the barn, the gate, etc. I was able to get my husband out to do some videoing today. Enjoy! Next week's forecast looks great so far! If things aren't too slick, I'll go ahead & saddle Roach & see how he handles that after some time off from the saddle. If all goes well, I may mount & cruise around his pen as we have been doing.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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