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Newt: March 29

This week, Newt has continued to progress very well! He's got a nice little pivot going on & I love how responsive he's gotten to my legs & reins. On Wednesday, Randy was driving around on the four-wheeler working on some fence & Newt was unbothered. We also ventured into my "obstacle course" through the trees & logs & continued riding through the pastures.

Next week, we'll continue to solidify what we've got going before he potentially heads home. I'm hoping we'll also be able to get a bath towards the end of the week with the 70° weather. Due to the warmer weather, I'm pushing our final formal photos to next week.

I'll send you a message on Sunday when we get back from Easter, and we can set up a day (likely Friday) for Newt's pickup if you're still interested in bringing him home. He's not quite where I'd like him to be to meet all of your goals, so I would recommend more time be spent on him before putting him on "safe trail horse" duty, but the potential is absolutely there. Given how well he has been progressing recently, I want to offer him the opportunity to remain here and enter the Intermediate/Advanced portion of my program, where he'd continue to progress in his body control & fancy handle. He definitely has the potential to be shown if that's still on your mind. If not, no worries!

- Lexy Nuesch


 Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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