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Mistie: September 16

A week of great experiences for Mistie!

I had a client & student visit Monday & Tuesday, so Mistie got to continue to build her confidence riding with another horse & she did very well. We rode in some of our pasture & down to the public ground. She led the rides much more confidently, even through the creek, trees, & hills. She wasn't concerned about where my dogs were, either. We did get to experience one of the neighbor's 'not so nice' dogs as we were passing their place & she handled the commotion with no issue.

I also had Shanna set up a few instances to test Mistie & boost her confidence about other horses coming up behind/beside her. She did great on the left side but would keep a close eye on the other horse as it came up on her right side.

We spent a fair bit of time soaking in the creek as Shanna & I enjoyed the cool water. Mistie put up with our break in the ride & was quite content.

She also got to wear the Horse Hoodie for the first time to ward off the bugs & she had zero reaction.

On Wednesday, I had a client out to visit her mare (Mistie's pen mate) & discuss topics for her part in presenting about Somatic Experiencing at my Ranch Retreat next fall. She was gracious enough to do a MagnaWave session on Mistie & then even left her machine with me for the next month! Mistie will be getting regular short sessions. Thursday & Friday, I had a photographer friend visiting to take updated photos for social media & the website, so we had a couple more nice little group rides around the place as we scoped out photo spots.

We didn't seem to have nearly enough hours in the day with someone here every day this week, so I held off on the hobble training until next week.

Mistie has had a few more patches of hair disappear since her photos last Saturday. She hasn't & doesn't palpate as sore, but I'll be trying my other saddles on her. I'm no saddle fit expert as there are so many thoughts & opinions on the right way to do it, just as there are with training. I wish it was feasible & easier to have a saddle that fits all of the young horses that come through my program as they're growing.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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