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Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

Mistie: September 16

A week of great experiences for Mistie!

I had a client & student visit Monday & Tuesday, so Mistie got to continue to build her confidence riding with another horse & she did very well. We rode in some of our pasture & down to the public ground. She led the rides much more confidently, even through the creek, trees, & hills. She wasn't concerned about where my dogs were, either. We did get to experience one of the neighbor's 'not so nice' dogs as we were passing their place & she handled the commotion with no issue.

I also had Shanna set up a few instances to test Mistie & boost her confidence about other horses coming up behind/beside her. She did great on the left side but would keep a close eye on the other horse as it came up on her right side.

We spent a fair bit of time soaking in the creek as Shanna & I enjoyed the cool water. Mistie put up with our break in the ride & was quite content.

She also got to wear the Horse Hoodie for the first time to ward off the bugs & she had zero reaction.