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Mistie: June 17

This week was a warm but good week for Mistie!

We added spurs for the first time this week. That went well; a bit ticklish initially, but a normal response.

Bend at the Walk went quite well. She wants to be quite light, so we added Vertical Flexion at Standstill, Draw to a Stop, & a bit of Bending with Vertical.


On the feed topic - she seems to do better with the bigger Magnify but will still lose the smaller pieces. Unfortunately, I don't have much of that left as I had only kept a few bags back to continue using for positive reinforcement.

Here's a video while eating the smaller pelleted Magnify. It's something with that lower lip &/0r tongue on the left side. Regretfully, it's not something that I sit & take note of upon a horse's arrival, so I can't say if it's been going on since then.


Next week, we'll keep improving upon Bend at the Walk, Vertical Flexion at the Standstill, & add in Bending Transitions, Vertical Flexion at the Walk, & Backing.

I anticipate getting out of the arena the following week.


Next week's update will be posted Thursday night/Friday.

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