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Mistie: July 15

A week of early mornings to beat the heat (which looks to be the theme for the next month) & continued progress for Mistie!

This week, we continued to work on lateral & vertical softness through Flexing, Down & Around, Bending at the Walk, Vertical Flexion at all gaits, Bending with Vertical, & within Draw to a Stop & Backing.

Wow! Mistie threw down a couple of really nice stops from the lope that warranted me dismounting, loosening the saddle, & ending the session a couple of days in a row. She'll occasionally want to drop her nose from time to time, but that has gotten less frequent as she's figuring her body placement out.

We added Sidepassing Off the Fence, Shoulder In/Out, & the start of a Turnaround. Mistie picked both exercises up quite well.


Next week, we'll add Circle 'N Circle (a steering exercise), Rollbacks on the Fence, & Draw to Walk Transitions. If weather conditions allow, I'm hoping to get some video next week. The phones that I use for videoing are not fans of the heat.


I'll be heading back to Pierce the weekend of July 30 for 2-3 days of trimming, lessons, & hopefully, some additional riding & plan to fill the trailer with a few client horses. Would you be interested in having Mistie tag along for the experience?


Next week's update will be posted Friday.


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