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Mistie: August 25

It's been a good week back in the arena for Mistie. We've really been hitting the body control exercises. Shoulder In/Out, Sidepassing, Counterbending at the Walk & Trot, Yielding the Hindquarters, Serpentines, etc. Nothing too notable this week, just building upon the foundation & schooling through the body control exercises.

We've also started practicing a bit of rail work in preparation for the 2-3 YO Snaffle Bit Class at the horse show next weekend.

I'm excited for you to have your first ride on her tomorrow morning!

Next week in the arena, we'll continue practicing the rail work, previous body control exercises, & begin Yielding the Hindquarters on the Circle. Outside of the arena, we'll continue to put some miles on & potentially start ponying another horse.


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday afternoon (following the horse show).


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