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Mistie: August 16

Early last week, we continued to prepare for our Fort Rob trip by heading down to the Plum Creek Wildlife Management Area. Mistie did well, even with the deer flies being a bother.

Mistie also got to take another client & her horse on their pickup ride. Mid-ride, we got caught up in a heavy rain shower & while she handled that well, one of my dogs tried to get close behind to get out of the rain & surprised Mistie by bumping into a hind leg, causing her to kick out & be a bit weary of things moving around her or brushing her leg on that right side.

On Wednesday, we loaded up for Fort Rob. Mistie loaded, hauled, & unloaded great. She stalled, ate, & drank well on the road as well.

In total, Mistie put on 28.1 miles while at the Fort in two rides.

Mistie's first ride (14 miles), she started out a bit looky & touchy on that right side but eventually wasn't bothered by the tall grass, weeds, shrubs, & trees brushing up against her. She handled the tough terrain well. While she would lead fine, she was more confident being a follower. Being young & never having experienced terrain like this, she did have a tendency to want to rush down the declines at times & required a bit more support & guidance. From time to time, she would get a bit worried when Cactus would get farther ahead. They're just young horse behaviors that will improve with age & more experience.

On her second ride (14.1 miles), Mistie did great! She settled into the ride much quicker & was content to plod along.

Since returning from our trip, Mistie had Monday off to recuperate & will receive a trim today (Tuesday).


The next update (albeit short) will be posted on Friday, August 19.

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