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Mistie: April 20

Mistie | April 18

This week, Mistie was saddled for the first time since arriving. Under saddle, we continued to work on the groundwork exercises from last week with everything making further improvement. I also added a few saddle-specific exercises like Popping the Stirrups (she wasn't quite sure about that at first) & Stirrup Driving.

We weren't able to do anything on Tuesday with the extreme wind. We don't have any protection from high south winds, so the mares were on the receiving end of that most of the day.

Today (Wednesday), we got into the round pen for the first time with the nice weather & minimal wind. Initially, she was interested in my husband's horses penned near the round pen, but it didn't take much to bring her focus back to me as we continued refining the groundwork exercises.


If the weather stays as forecasted, I anticipate putting her first ride on Wednesday. I typically spend the first three days in the round pen before moving out into the arena. If the weather & wind cooperates, I'll pull out my Pivo to catch some video.


In maximizing training time during the short week, conformation-style photos will come with next week's update on Thursday night.

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