Unlock Your Horse's Potential

Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

Going the Extra Mile

When horses arrive at Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship, I have a few tasks that I will complete before I step foot into the stirrup for the first ride on any horse.

Those tasks include:

  1. Starting on D&D Nutrition & Redmond Equine products.

  2. Scheduling a dental appointment with my equine dentist.

  3. Starting all horses on my deworming protocol.

  4. Scheduling an Equinitry session with Knotty Equine's Jennifer Day Smith, the founder of Equinitry, for any pain or behavior-related issues.

These tasks should be the standard in equine care when going to a trainer. These necessary tasks set your horse up to succeed in training in the best possible way. There are several trainers out there that take horses in & just ride them. I am not one of those & will make no exceptions. Just as with my pre-arrival health requirements, these tasks are mandatory & horses will not be accepted without the understanding & acceptance of these tasks.

D&D Nutrition & Redmond Equine

D&D Nutrition

I used to give horse owners the option to bring their own feed (& hay) if desired. At least 90% of those owners had no specific feed program. That left me taking a reactive approach to horses that lost weight & condition with an increased workload. Owners often instructed me to go pick a feed from the local feed store after steering them away from the sweet feed, with little understanding of feed ingredients & the needs of the horse. I now take a proactive approach & have an excellent program centered around forage & D&D Nutrition's line of forage-based products. Horses are sent home with a 10-day supply of D&D Nutrition & Redmond Equine products at the conclusion of training.

D&D Nutrition's feed line is a staple in my program. I currently feed their AlfaLux alfalfa cubes & Magnify HF feed alongside 24/7 access to a large round grass bale in a Hay Chix hay net &/or pasture turnout.