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Cactus: February 10

I hope you got to enjoy the nicer weather at the start of the week & that your snow is melting! This week, we finally got to venture a bit farther off of the place to do more than walking & a bit of trotting. We do still have a fair bit of ice, so we had to be choosy about where we picked up speed, but overall, Cactus felt good! I don't feel I can say one way or another whether the injections have made a significant difference yet.

I also introduced front hobbles to Cactus. While he wanted to move a bit, he wasn't the least bit concerned about having his front legs restricted. I even unsaddled him away from the trailer & allowed him to stand there while I put things away to reinforce ground tying.

Next week, we'll continue to ride out & about as the snow continues to melt & do more hobbling.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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