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Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

Cactus: April 20

This week, Cactus was saddled for the first time since arriving. Under saddle, we continued to work on the groundwork exercises from last week, with everything making further improvement. I also added a saddle-specific desensitizing exercise, Popping the Stirrups.

We weren't able to do anything on Tuesday with the extreme wind. The geldings were lucky to get out of the wind on the backside of the machine shed.

Today (Wednesday), we ventured into the round pen since the weather & wind cooperated & continued to work on building confidence & refining the groundwork exercises.

I noticed something kind of comical with Cactus during our session. He had a string of slobber several times throughout. My hunch is that he's a bit of a jaw clencher. When a horse switches from the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system to the parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous system, they will produce more saliva (kind of like when we think or smell our favorite food). This is one thing that brings about licking & chewing. It's almost as if Cactus switches over to the parasympathetic & begins to salivate but has a habit of clenching his jaw & doesn't 'mop up' the extra slobber & it starts to run out. In the video below, you can see that I stick my finger in his mouth to encourage him to work his mouth & let go of some of that tenseness. It's kind of like how we've been told to smile & we'll start to feel happy. So a lot of what I'll be doing is changing Cactus' physical body response, which will affect his ability to regulate himself better mentally.