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Cactus: April 19

It was a short, but good week here for Cactus:

On Tuesday, we went up to see Jen at Knotty Equine. It's always neat to see how the horses allow us to peel back the layers a bit more each time they're worked on. As always, Cactus loved every minute of his time with Jen.

Here are the notes that I took:

- sacrum

- pelvis

- pelvic girdle (worse on R side) --- correlates to what Dr. Kendal had felt back in November

- sciatic x2

- stifle/hock (hind stay apparatus)

Jen gave me these exercises to do with Cactus:

- Hind Hip Drop/Bounce

- Tail Exercises

- Belly Lift/Cat Stretch

Jen made a lot of good progress with Cactus. Due to Cactus' conformation, it's likely that some of these things may never be "fixed," but they can be strengthened & improved upon.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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