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"I just rode a 3 yr old stud that Lexy started, and I think she did everything right. I've only had the chance to ride with/around Lexy a couple times, but am impressed with not only her skill, but her quiet, patient, and kind attitude--but still gets respect--all important with colts! She's always looking for ways to improve and really cares about what she's doing."

– Jena Garwood of Garwood Barrel Horse Training & Insurance • Atkinson, NE

"I loved how quiet and soft my filly was when I got her home. She was exposed to so much in just a short time. I had no worries letting my 17-year-old niece jump on her and go ride. Even when I’m on a horse that is acting ridiculous, Jane never gets worked up. I can’t wait to see where our future takes us and I look forward to sending more colts to Lexy in the future!"

– Shelby Bakenhus • Saint Edward, NE

"Lexy is very thorough with her training program. Lexy takes the time to expose horses to new environments and not just the arena. Her horses always look great and well-cared for. She is patient with all kinds- horses and people. Lexy is very knowledgeable and wants to help you establish a lasting and trustworthy relationship with you and your horse."

– Katie Kaup • Stuart, NE

"In 2016, Lexy took my 6-year-old gelding who had been broke at age 3 then left sitting. She took him in, started all over with him and now I have such an amazing horse. He is now 8. I can leave him sit, pull him out, lunge him, and hop on. Lexy takes her time to work with the animal and you. I truly appreciate her taking time showing me how she broke my horse to ride and listen. I also appreciate how I can contact her about any questions on my horse and how to get a solution to that answer."

– Megan Wolfe • Coleridge, NE

"Currently I am studying animal science with an option in equine sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For a class required by my major I needed to interview a professional in the equine industry, I contacted Lexy. She was so helpful and demonstrated thorough knowledge of the horse and the industry. I was impressed and know that in the future when I need a horse started I’ll be sending it to Lexy Nuesch Horse Training."

– Taytum Dickman • Elwood, NE

"My daughter and I attended one of Lexy’s clinics for a weekend last summer. It was packed full of great information and hands-on experience. She was so very patient with my daughter and her new pony (She had just brought home two weeks before the clinic). We learned a ton, had an extraordinarily good time, and will definitely look to attend another one this year. 
Additionally, I have a horse on the waiting list for Lexy to train in 2020. She is so methodical in her training that I would trust a horse trained by her any day."

– Brenda Irlbeck • Des Moines, IA

"She is such an amazing person and has a way with horses!!! Great gal!!"

– Caitlyn McCollum • Cody, WY

"I've always believed in Lexy. I've been sending horses to her now for 3 years now. loved being able to ride with her for awhile before loading them up to take them home. though my horses probably won't see a creek again due fact in SD we don't have any 😂 one thing I miss about living in Nebraska. my horses always come home looking good. my stud did devlope heaves on the hay I sent down my fault not Lexys she was quick to tell me about his breathing issue and fact he wasn't eating alot. just like any cuts or scraps she is quick to notify. looking forward to the next horses I send down to her next year. they always come back riding great 😊 also fact my 4 year old is quitest out of my 3 studs and isn't head shy or doesn't think he will get beat on for talking here and there makes me even more happy about how she trains"

– Deidra Hinman • Wood, SD

"I'm so impressed with Lexy's knowledge and skill. She is a professional and extremely patient. I would trust Lexy with any horse on my place. She understands what it takes to have a broke horse and the work and time to get one there."

– Kelly Sudik • Ceresco, NE

"Lexy is an awesome teacher that really makes sure that everyone in the clinic "gets it" before we move on. She spends individual time as well as group time. I would highly recommend a clinic for anyone, from beginner to experienced. Everyone learned a lot! Great experience."

– Riley Sedlak • Plattsmouth, NE

"We can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Lexy and the training our two-year-old filly received. Lexy was professional to deal with and yet she makes you feel like a friend. We truly believe that Lexy is a true, natural teacher, both with horses and the people they belong to. Our filly, Shasta, came home to us confident and calm. Lexy also spent time educating us, so that we would be successful with Shasta too. The knowledge that Lexy has is just amazing! We will definitely hire Lexy for future training and recommend her services highly!" 

– Trudy Bearinger • Creighton, NE

"I attended the Groundwork/Riding Clinic on June 3/4. What a fantastic two days!!! I was familiar with groundwork before; however, Lexy helped transform my knowledge and understanding of communication with my horses. She is a talented trainer, making the concepts easy to learn through her communication skills and constant one-on-one work with participants. The two days were tremendously valuable! Thank you, Lexy!"

– Adena Kreutz • Aurora, NE

"I attended the Groundwork/Confidence Building clinic and absolutely loved it! This was my first experience with groundwork and Lexy was so knowledgeable and patient. She explained/modeled everything and then took the time to individually help anyone who need it. She was open to any and all questions. It was a great day and I'm looking forward to attending more of her clinics in the future!"

– Samantha Isaac • Scribner, NE

"Lexy and I rode and trained together out of Webb ranches in 2014 and I can easily say that she is an incredibly talented, kind, patient horsewoman. She instills both confidence and calmness in all her horses and I am very proud to call her not only a fellow horse trainer, but a friend. Anyone thinking about sending a horse to Lexy is going to get back a quality trained animal no doubt."

– Erin Bergold • Utica, OH

"Lexy had my 4yr. colt and did an awesome job! I was really impressed with how far Smokey had progressed while with her. I have had some other trainers over the years and I must say Lexy has done the best. Highly recommend her!"

– Debbie VanderPoel • Irene, SD

"Lexy is a very knowledgeable, professional and patient horse trainer. She worked with my 10 year old gelding and me (a much older rider) and we are finally making progress and enjoying the ride! I plan on attending clinics that Lexy may have in the future to improve my ground and riding skills and become a more confident partner with Snickers!"

– Peg Christiansen • Pierce, NE

"Lexy trained my moms 5 year old freshly gelded horse and did an amazing job with him. She is very professional and I would definitely highly reccomend her." 

– Kaeli Sedlak • Ames, IA

"Having known Lexy for many years I can say she is a wonderful person that is a blessing to have as a friend. I can also say that she has an amazing talent of training horses. I have witnessed it watching her progress with other's horses, at her clinic, and now with getting my own horse back from his 30 days of being with her. The difference between the horse I dropped off and the one I picked up is incredible I could not be more thrilled with his results. The private lessons that I got with her alone were life changing. I cannot wait to continue working with her and sending any future horse of mine to her. She puts her whole heart into these horses and it shows in each one of them."

– Sadie Kalin • Hartington, NE

"Impessed with this young lady. Lexy took my filly in for training as her first outside horse. While every horse is different, within four rides, Lexy was riding my filly in a huge outdoor arena with the filly stopping soley by weight only. Lexy created a very soft and supple filly for me with a great, willing mind. I receive many compliments on the filly's willingness. Lexy's methods are simple and easy to learn once after a few, short lessons. Due to unpredicted circumstances, we had to cut my filly's training short but I have no issues leaving the filly sit for weeks and get back on confidently knowing Lexy has instilled the basic foundation on her and I can build upon her methods. In the time most colts would still be in the round pen, I can ride my filly outside in the pasture (with some caution). I highly recommend Lexy Nuesch Horse Training for colt starting and am anxious to see what the future unfolds."

– Shanna Waterman • Pierce, NE

"Lexy has my horse, Bubbles. She is a college student that has done an amazing job in the short time she has had to work with him. She is very knowledgeable and though young, isn't afraid to ask for help if needed. I am really looking forward to seeing where life takes her. I think she has the natural ability to train and will be very successful. It's not just a job to her. More a passion. Doing what she loves and it shows. Good luck, Lexy. I can't wait to see what your future holds for you!" 

– Brenda Sedlak • La Vista, NE


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