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Unlock Your Horse's Potential

Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship


Do you need to sell a horse? 

I can prepare your horse to sell through training, grooming, photos/videos, & marketing/advertising.


If you are looking to sell a horse for some reason, I can help. 

I will take quality photos/sale video(s), create & post Facebook & website posts,

& show horses to potential buyers (while the horse is on the premises). 

A horse must be in training with me for at least 60 days before marketing/advertising will begin. 


★☆ Price ☆★

Board/Hay & Training/Riding Fees

+ Sales Prep/Marketing Package Fee ($200/package)

+ 15% commission fee


Sales Prep/Marketing Package includes Horse Preparation before Photo &/or Video Session; Filming/Editing, Photos & Video(s); Facebook, Website, & other Posts/Ads; & Showing Horse to Potential Buyers on Premises.


A 15% commission fee will be assessed to the owner when the horse is sold.

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