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Zakai: May 21

This week has been a good week with Zakai. We continued to work on Sidepassing & Shoulder In/Out. I would like to see a bit more softness throughout his head, neck, & ribcage with both of those exercises so yesterday (Friday), I added spurs. It's important to note that I use spurs for a more precise signal on their side versus the heel of my boot & for softness. I don't use spurs for speed or to kick on them.

To work on softness, we began working on Bend at the Walk where I work on softening the head, neck, & ribcage. He was a bit confused at first & wanted to just move his front end, but with each release, he improved.


Wednesday, Zakai got his first rinse off followed by his first bath on Thursday. Those both went quite well. Once he was dry, he got his mane rebraided up. We're going to put Manely Long Hair Shock Treatment to the test to see if we can get rid of most of the staining in his tail before wrapping it as I do with Cactus.


Next week, we'll continue to work on Bend at the Walk & add in Bending Transitions. We'll also get further softness in Shoulder In/Out, Sidepassing, & the Turnaround. Towards the end of the week, we'll likely venture outside of the arena & down the gravel roads.


Next week's update will be posted Thursday night.


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