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Zakai: June 23

This week, Zakai has put several miles on outside of the arena. Even though we're riding outside, we're still working on the exercises that we established inside the arena. For example, when we're riding down the gravel roads, we work on our Shoulder In/Out from one side of the road to the other. We work on sidepassing at the mailbox & turnarounds each time we stop.

We continue to improve Bend at the Walk. We've really been focusing on Vertical Flexion at all gaits, Draw to a Stop, & Backing; we've also introduced Draw to Walk Transitions. I would love it if he could engage his hindquarters a bit more so that he gets a bit of weight off of his forequarters which seems to be why he stumbles.


Next week, we'll continue building upon our previous exercises. We'll likely ride over to the Plum Creek Wildlife Management Area if weather permits.


Next week's update will be posted Friday.

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