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Zakai: June 17

This week has been a warm one, but a good one with Zakai!

We've started most of our rides this week in the arena before heading out to the pastures.

In the arena, we've been working on Vertical Flexion at all gaits, shoulder control through the start of a turnaround, ribcage control through sidepassing, some hindquarter control exercises, & stopping with softness.

Outside of the arena, we've been riding through some of the pastures, checking cows & walking the creek.

He was a bit weary of the grids at the cattle tank & of the deeper spots in the creek. I know he had been in some water before coming to you, but probably not where he could see the bottom.

For being a Mustang, he does stumble quite a bit when riding out & about (as he does in the first video below). I hope that as the new sights get less interesting, he'll pay a bit more attention to what's at his feet.


Next week, we'll continue on in this same manner.


Next week's update will be posted Thursday night/Friday.


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