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Zakai: August 5

Last weekend's trip to my parent's place near Pierce went well! Zakai loaded/unloaded well, traveled great, settled in well, & ate & drank well considering the heat. We rode the gravel roads, crossed the bridge, & rode through the pastures. My husband spent some time on him in prep for Fort Rob as well. We were able to set up a couple of instances where Cactus & I separated from Zakai & Randy didn't have any issues with him.

This week, we've continued to ride out & about in prep for Fort Rob. We've been getting comfortable with the cattle as there will be longhorns throughout the pastures at the Fort.

Our session with Jen on Wednesday went well. I had her really work on Zakai's shoulders, but she said there was no pain or related issues going on to cause his stumbling. Hopefully, it's something he'll grow out of. Other than a bit of circulatory around his girth area, tight kidneys, & tipped pelvic girdle, Jen thought he felt great.


Next week, we'll try to get down to the Wildlife Management Area. We plan to take off for Fort Robinson on Wednesday afternoon & head home Sunday afternoon.


The next update will be posted on August 15 or 16 once we're back from Fort Robinson.


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