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Zakai: August 16

Early last week, we continued to prepare for our Fort Rob trip by heading down to the Plum Creek Wildlife Management Area. Zakai did well, even with the deer flies being a bother.

On Wednesday, we loaded up for Fort Rob. Zakai loaded, hauled, & unloaded great. He stalled, ate, & drank well on the road as well.

In total, Zakai put on 19.6 miles while at the Fort in two rides.

On Day One (12.7 miles), I started the ride on Cactus alongside my husband on Zakai. Halfway through the ride, we swapped tack & horses. Due to inexperience & likely his downhill build, Zakai required quite a bit of support & guidance when going downhill otherwise, he had a tendency to rush. Other than that tendency to rush going downhill & getting a bit worried when he would think that Cactus was leaving him, Zakai did great with the terrain, water crossings, other animals, meeting the Fort's Jeep Ride, & everything the Fort presented.

(See Cactus: Fort Rob #1 video on Cactus' update.)

Zakai's second ride (7 miles) was a shorter ride before we loaded up to head home on Sunday. We did spend some time setting up instances where Cactus rode away from us to work on bringing our attention back to the rider's directions. Towards the end of this ride, there was a wooden pedestrian bridge that Zakai followed Cactus across with zero issues.

Since returning from our trip, Zakai had Monday off & will receive his final trim here today (Tuesday).


Zakai's final update will be posted on Friday following pickup.

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