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Zakai: April 28

Zakai | April 28

This week, I've spent time in the saddle getting to know Zakai & where he's at in his training from an arena standpoint. I think you've got a really nice little guy! Overall, Zakai is probably one of the gentlest & most broke horses to come into my program. While I love starting colts, it's really fun to progress a horse beyond the basics & tap into that potential that most people don't get a chance to see!

After today's ride, I was tempted to want to take him to the Phil Haugen Horsemanship clinic this weekend that I am hosting in Bloomfield. If it hadn't been so last minute...

Someone likes water!


Next week, we'll begin working to refine what he already knows & add in a few new exercises from my program. We'll probably stay in the arena for another week or so before hitting the gravel roads & pastures. We've also got an appointment scheduled at Jen's for May 5th for dentals & initial Equinitry sessions.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday night.

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