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Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

Zakai: April 20

This week, Zakai was saddled for the first time since arriving. Zero issues there, of course. Under saddle, we continued to work on the groundwork exercises from last week, with everything making further improvement. I also added a saddle-specific desensitizing exercise, Popping the Stirrups.

We weren't able to do anything on Tuesday with the extreme wind. The geldings were lucky to get out of the wind on the backside of the machine shed.

Today (Wednesday), we ventured into the round pen for the first time since the wind was cooperating. We continued to work on refining the groundwork exercises. After working on those, I decided to go ahead & step on Zakai & do a bit of riding around in just the halter. This little Mustang will be a lot of fun throughout the next few months!