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TR: May 13

I hope you guys got some nice rain over there this week! We had around 3" total for the week, with 2.38" coming Friday/Friday night. Much needed!

This week, TR had his first few rides here in between the rain showers & thunderstorms.

While he's understandably rusty in some areas, I wasn't displeased with what he showed me for not having been ridden in some time. He does really want to root into the bit when stopping from any speed, so we'll really be focusing on his lateral & vertical softness to get rid of that. He walked, trotted, & loped without any funny business, even with the wind blowing & storms rolling in.

We also started to work on our hobbling. I wouldn't be surprised if he's had some work with this in the past, as he was quite unbothered. Hopefully, this will also keep him from striking out at the trailer when he sees his reflection in the chrome.

Next week, we'll probably be doing a fair bit of our riding outside of the arena since it's so wet.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.

I do my best to get these updates posted in a timely manner, but it's not uncommon for me to be outside until after dark, depending on the weather, my schedule, & who gets worked when so updates will sometimes be posted quite late in the evening. Don't be alarmed if you don't see your update right away. In rare cases, I may have to push them until the next morning, but I'll reach out & let you know if so.

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