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TR: April 28

I hope you guys got a little rain over there this week! We received a much-needed .50" yesterday.

This week, my equine dentist was out to work on horses. It's safe to say that TR should feel much better after his dental. He was very sharp & was missing part of an upper right molar (tried to include a photo, but it was tricky to capture the broken tooth), so one of the lower molars had gotten quite tall. He also had a bit seat put in & his canines reduced. Jeff recommended that he be done again in 6 months & evaluate from there as that lower molar won't wear down naturally. It took quite a while to get everything shaped up & he was a bit sore for a couple of days & unsure of his new teeth as he didn't go after his hay at his normal rate, but by Thursday evening, he was back to eating well again.

Regarding training, we've continued to work on our previous exercises under saddle. He's had some very minor cold-backed moments when first saddled. Overall, he's continued to get smoother, more fluid in his responses, & less reactive.

Next week, I anticipate getting our "first ride" under our belt.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

I do my best to get these updates posted in a timely manner, but it's not uncommon for me to be outside until after dark, depending on the weather, my schedule, & who gets worked when so updates will sometimes be posted quite late in the evening. Don't be alarmed if you don't see your update right away. In rare cases, I may have to push them until the next morning, but I'll reach out & let you know if so.

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