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Slate: November 5

We've continued to work on our responsiveness, both in the round pen & during groundwork & when leading. Slate will easily trot to match my energy when leading. He's gotten much more confident & quieter because of it, too.

I did put off riding for a few more days as I opted to do a bit of ponying first so that we could work on the responsiveness & freeing up at the lope with another horse to help achieve that. Slate wanted to be pretty resistant at first, but did better once he figured out where he needed to be to find the pressure release.

On Wednesday, Slate received his first full bath & did excellent!

We've also been standing tied more frequently & while he dances around when the other horses leave him to be turned loose, he's been improving there as well. We'll be back riding on Monday.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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