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Slate: November 11

A cold but good week for Slate. I was hit with a fever Sunday night & Monday & so I laid low for a couple of days. From Wednesday on, we continued to pony since I still wasn't feeling 100% & with the cold weather, I didn't want the horses to get too sweaty as we work to improve our lope under saddle. Even in the cool weather & wind, Slate saddled up great at the trailer & walked/trotted off next to the other horse with no other previous groundwork. That was a great test to see how they handled the weather with a few days off. Even though Slate initially was a bit resistant to being ponied, he's more responsive to the halter pressure & gait changes than Rowdy now. Dr. Kendal Smith comes up on Monday & Tuesday (November 14 & 15) to help us preg-check cattle, work on horses, & help one of my personal horses cross the rainbow bridge. She will be looking over Slate & will make any adjustments necessary.


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.

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