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Slate: March 26

These two boys have been an absolute blast to ride this week!

We've spent our rides reviewing & building upon everything we've worked on up until this point. Everything has continued to improve (sidepassing, turnarounds, shoulder in/out, draw-to-walk transitions, vertical flexion at the lope, etc.). They're really getting the hang of being ridden in the shank bit & becoming more responsive to moving off of the outside rein, too.

Most rides consist of mounting up, flexing a few times, & heading off down the lane or out into the pasture on a loose rein. No groundwork required, even after days off. Two incredibly nice young colts thus far.

I'm hoping the weather will hold up enough that we can make it down to the public ground before they head home this week.

I'm looking forward to having you climb aboard for the first time.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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