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Slate: January 20

This week, we continued to increase the softness & responsiveness within Bend at the Walk, Vertical Flexion at the Standstill, & Draw to a Stop. With Slate, we spent a fair bit of time on the Bend at a Walk to get a "yes, ma'am" response when I pick up either rein.

We're at the stage with a lot of these exercises where Slate knows what's being asked. We're past the teaching stage & have moved into the "do it now" stage, where I'm a lot less lenient on his promptness to respond.

The boys also had their first bareback ride on Tuesday. To get on, I spent a fair time working on a variation of Pick Me Up Off the Fence at the picnic table. Slate had no issues with this & pulled up & let me climb right on. He was quite content to cruise around the place bareback.

Today, we took a trip down the lane. Slate was pretty reluctant about crossing over the culvert, but after a few crossings back & forth, he was much more comfortable. He got startled by the pup tagging along behind us a couple of times but was minimal & he came right back to me when I picked up on the rein.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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