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Slate: January 12

Slate did well loading & unloading during our trip back to Pierce this past weekend; he did get a bit sticky backing out upon arrival, but it wasn't an issue after that. The weekend's riding plans didn't go quite as planned due to the indoor arena's management not having snow cleaned up so that we could get trailers in there & the doors opened, so the boys & I found an area free of ice to ride around at my parent's place. We worked on Bend at the Walk & also briefly introduced Bending Transitions from the trot. Slate tends to be softer on the right side & wasn't very willing to soften up on the left side, so we spent the majority of our time working on that.

At home this week, we continued to improve the softness within Bend at the Walk (especially on that left side) & Vertical Flexion at the Standstill, built upon the Bending Transitions at the trot, & also introduced Draw to a Stop. Overall, Slate is stronger with the Vertical Flexion than Rowdy is, as he picked this up well from the start.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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