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Slate: February 24

I hope you all stayed warm this week & didn't get much snow!

Last Saturday, Slate got to make the trip to the indoor arena in Bloomfield with me & a few other horses. He loaded, unloaded, & stood tied at the trailer great. He rode really well. We didn't get much time to warm up prior to my first lesson, but he demonstrated during the lesson alongside the client's mare as if we'd done it several times before. I used another horse for my second lesson of the day but brought Slate back in after that for more work. He was a bit magnetized to the door knowing the other horses were just outside at the trailer when we first started loping circles, but overall, he did great!

Introducing sidepassing on the fence went well. My primary goal in this teaching stage is to have him differentiate between pressure on his left & right side & moving off of it. Straightness & consistency will come in the following sessions. Early this week, we did get to work more on sidepassing & venture down the lane in the wind & temperatures that didn't feel nearly as warm as they forecasted before more snow & brutally cold temperatures arrived again.

Next week, the weather forecast starts to look on the up & up with consistent snow melt. We'll continue to work on our sidepassing, introduce shoulder control, & spend a lot of our time on outside riding. I'm also planning another lesson/trimming trip for March 4th & 5th that Slate will get to tag along on again.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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