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Slate: February 10

I hope you got to enjoy the warmer weather during the first part of this week & that some of your snow is melting! This week, Slate continued to work on our Flexing, Bending at a Walk, Vertical Flexion at the Standstill & Walk, Draw to Stop, & Backing. We also ventured down the gravel roads & did a bit of drift busting.

Slate has been making steady improvements in all areas. His lateral & vertical softness has made big strides, he's hunting the stop, & he's putting more effort into Backing. During our rides off of the place, Slate had a few minor young horse moments, but overall he's a bit more even-keel than Rowdy as he doesn't require as much guidance. I can often set my hand down on his neck & let him travel without needing frequent redirection.

Next week, we'll continue to build his confidence with outside riding down the roads & in the pastures. We'll begin Vertical Flexion at the Trot & potentially begin the first stages of Sidepassing. I plan to head east for lessons on February 18/19 & the boys will make the trip back as well. (If you're not interested in having them tag along, just let me know.)

***As long as the weather doesn't throw any big wrenches in things & the boys continue to progress, we can tentatively plan for pick up somewhere around the March 9-24 time frame.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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