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Rowdy: March 3

Rowdy & Slate both had their best rides yet this week!

During our rides this week, we saw huge improvements in all aspects! Rowdy's softness with both lateral & vertical flexion at the walk & trot has continued to advance. He was even willing to soften a bit while loping, but we're not quite ready to focus on vertical flexion at the lope yet. We continued to build upon sidepassing & introduced Shoulder In/Out & Bending with Vertical Flexion. Those both went so well that we began working on a turnaround also, which came quite easily once Rowdy understood where the release was. I also touched very lightly on Draw to Walk Transitions.

Because we've started to venture out farther for our rides while continuing to work on our "concentrated training" exercises, Rowdy has learned to appreciate those hand-on-the-neck/loose-rein moments & spends much more of our outside rides relaxed.

This weekend, we'll load up & head to Pierce before going up to Bloomfield's indoor arena for lessons on Sunday.

Next week, we'll spend time building & refining the softness & responsiveness in what we've currently been working on. I'll place more focus on Draw to Walk Transitions & introduce some hindquarter control. I'm heading down to McCook for a cowhorse clinic at the end of next week, so updates will be posted early before I leave for that.


Next week's update will be posted on Thursday.

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