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Rowdy: March 28 (Final Update)

This week before heading home, Rowdy was introduced to the ShopVac blower. While understandably unsure at first, it took very little time for him to stand & accept it.

Today, we made a trip down to the Plum Creek WMA, putting on just under 7 miles. Rowdy was a little looky today but still handled the new scenery well while traveling on a loose rein for the majority of the ride.

Overall, Rowdy's a great 3 YO colt who has been fun to work with once he figured out how to lope under saddle. Thankfully, he has no idea he's not a gelding yet. Though he still has some very minor & brief colt moments, he's pretty laidback & level-headed with the right amount of sensitivity. Compared to Slate, Rowdy is a smoother ride & has more of a floaty stride. He's definitely not going to be one to take off with anybody. Quite the opposite, actually; he hunts the stop, sometimes too well.

I'm looking forward to watching these boys mature in the coming years!


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