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Rowdy: February 17

This week, Rowdy continued to head off of the place for a couple windy rides earlier in the week & a beautiful ride this evening! We continued to work on Flexing, Bending at a Walk, Vertical Flexion at the Standstill & Walk, Draw to Stop, & Backing. We also introduced Vertical Flexion at the Trot, which went quite well.

Rowdy finished off the week nicely - soft & responsive.

Slate & Rowdy seem to have switched places during our rides out. This week, Rowdy stayed much straighter underneath of me, requiring much less guidance than last week. When he would stray off a bit, he responded to the correction of my rein & leg nicely.

Tomorrow, Rowdy & Slate will accompany me & a couple of other horses to Pierce, where I have a few horses to trim, before we head up to Bloomfield to the indoor arena for a couple lessons & further training time. I also opted to wait & introduce Sidepassing in the arena where we'll have plenty of fence to follow since most of our fences are still drifted with snow.

Next week, we'll continue to get out & about. We'll build on Sidepassing & move to Shoulder In/Out.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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