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Roach: December 30

Thank goodness for warmer temperatures!

The time "off" did Roach very well, as he's come back even better.

On Tuesday & Wednesday, we reviewed our groundwork & saddled before things got slick with Thursday's freeze. Saddled went fairly well. There were a couple of times when he got a bit tense, but he worked through it.

Yesterday, I introduced Pick Me Up From the Fence. He was a bit unsure about having me up above while asking him to move his feet, but he came around pretty quickly.

In the videos from today, you'll see that I bump on the halter & cluck to cue him to get into position on the fence & then ask him to move forward to position me above his back. He did so well today that I did lean some weight on him & drape a leg over from the fence. He handled that well!

Best wishes to you & your family as we enter the New Year!


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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