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Rowdy: December 2

Both boys were rockin' & rollin' this week!

Rowdy has been getting softer in the snaffle bit both during our pre-ride groundwork & when flexing under saddle. While we are still doing some pre-ride groundwork in this chilly weather, it's been very minimal (3-5 minutes) before mounting up. Along with working on our gas pedal, which has improved immensely, we've been working on One Rein Stops. Rowdy has been offering to stop to my weight. This week's biggest improvement is, by far, our gas pedal. From doing everything in my power to keep our forward motion during those first rides to now responding just off of my verbal kiss cue. Toward the end of our sessions, he tends to get a bit less forward & I have to encourage him with the dressage whip. But overall, he's doing so much better.

***Conformation-style shots will be taken & added to this update on Sunday when the weather is nicer & hopefully, the sun is out! Horses got worked early this morning while temps were still in the 30s before the wind & snow picked up & dropped the windchill below zero.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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