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Rosie: October 7

We had a bit of a short week with rain on Monday, thank goodness, & an unexpected trip to O'Neill on Wednesday.

We've continued to work on Desensitizing to the Lead Rope & Stick & String, Yield the Hindquarters & Forequarters, Backing, Lunging Stage 1, Flex, Sending, & Circle Driving. We've also added Lunging Stage 2 early in the week.

She's still doing well with her ability to bring her energy up & back down, even in Lunging Stage 2, where I'm asking for a quick change of direction.

We touched a bit on Jeffrey's Method but held off on Saddling & Leading by the Feet as I like to have three consecutive days of work with those exercises.


Have you had any soreness/lameness issues with Rosie in the past? Any abscesses, laminitis, etc.? How long has she had the dramatic flare in the front feet? We may have a soreness issue on our hands. It seems to be off & on, pending the ground type & how much movement she's doing. When I pulled her out today, she was slightly sore on her front right foot. Initially, I thought I was imagining it because it was so slight & not all of the time. She traveled well in the round pen. Though, she isn't breaking over very quickly in the front end & stepped on her front left with her hind left shortly before I began to video. I'm questioning if that's not what she did on the other side. Last night, as I was wheeling my feed wagon over for their evening feed, they did get to running around in the cool weather.

Once outside of the round pen, it was obvious there was soreness over the rocks & gravel. While the right front was the most predominant, I can't say with certainty that she doesn't have soreness in that other front foot & even her hinds.

When cleaning her feet out, there were no foreign objects. She does have extremely flat soles with no concavity, so that's not helping her at all. I haven't yet trimmed her since she was trimmed the day that she arrived. There's no visible swelling/inflammation. She's been eating well. We've not been doing strenuous work that would be the cause for soreness. She was in heavy heat last week & was leaning up against the fence as my geldings were snoozing in their corner next to her & Iris' pen. So it would make sense that she could potentially be experiencing some soreness or stiffness in the hind end.

It could be that she bumped it yesterday evening when they got to running around. It could potentially be an abscess. While I thankfully have never dealt with laminitis, I worry that she may have had an episode at some point looking at the flare & event rings in her front feet. She has 24/7 access to grass hay in a Hay Chix hay net & is now receiving 4lbs of Magnify & 8lbs of AlfaLux alfalfa cubes. She's not been on any fresh grass since arriving. I'd love for you to check out these videos & give me a call yet tonight or tomorrow morning to discuss a plan of action, whether that's a trip to the vet, time off, or something else, ASAP.

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