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Rosie: March 1

On Monday, we took advantage of the 70° weather & Rosie got a bath & rebraided. Rosie did great, considering it had been a while since her last bath. Tuesday's temps dipped down below freezing again with wind & snow, so everyone got a good rest day.

The rest of the week, we spent some time working in the arena since it was finally dry enough to work up & ride in, as well as riding through the pastures. In the arena, we've been working on an exercise called Circle & Circle that works on steering, transitions, & straight lines. With this exercise, I've noticed that she tends to work her mouth more when going to the left versus the right. Something I'll keep an eye on to see if there's any body/physical correlation.

Today, we headed out to the pasture that the cattle are in, hoping to do a little ride through them, but we stopped at the creek first & that took up more of our time than anticipated. With a bit of mud at the entry, she wasn't confident enough to step in with me on her back, so I stepped off & we worked through it on the ground until she was confidently stepping in. Once I climbed back on, she readily stepped in. She was a bit unsure in some spots with the movement of the water paired with her shadow. However, it was a good lesson for her that we'll continue to build upon next week.

Next week, we'll spend some time on the Circle & Circle exercise & head down to the creek & walk through the cows.


I'm going to send your March invoice to cover the whole month. If all continues to progress well & the weather cooperates, we'll look at tentative pickup for the first part of April if that works for your schedule.

- Lexy Nuesch

Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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