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Rosie: February 2

This week was such a good week for Rosie! She had her first gravel road rides here & they went quite well. We started just heading down the lane for our first trip. It gives the horses a chance to go over the creek culverts & to become accustomed to the dogs running around. She was a bit unsure about crossing over the top of the culverts on our way down, but she trotted right over on the way back to the house. She was a bit worried about the scary snow piles along the lane, but we checked those out & she was much more confident on the way back.

She did very well during her first gravel road ride. We saw several deer that the dogs scared out of the trees & we even met two vehicles (you'll hear me call the dogs to me at the end of the first video when I noticed the car coming in the distance). She handled that well, considering we had to stay on the road due to the snow piled in the ditches not giving us a safe place to pull off to the side. The first vehicle we met even stopped & chatted with us briefly. She got a bit antsy, but I think that was mainly because of the second car getting closer. We walked a bit but spent most of our time trotting & loping. I find that once they become confident in moving out on a loose rein, they're a lot more content just to walk when asked, too. Next week, we'll continue to spend a fair bit of time out down the gravel roads & maybe venturing into the pastures for some trotting & loping. We'll continue to work on our other training exercises while out riding as well.

- Lexy Nuesch


 Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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