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Roam: August 3

Another good week for Roam. He's continued to do well during our pre-ride groundwork with no funny business. We've continued to work on One Rein Stops, the gas pedal, & Cruising. He's gotten so much better & confident with loping under saddle. Early in the week, I introduced him to the snaffle bit. He nearly picked it up out of my hand the first day. I had an inkling that he'd be extremely busy-mouthed. Because of that, I've given him the week to stand tied with it & work through our groundwork while carrying it. We'll begin riding in it next week. On the bright side, he simply opens & closes his mouth & tries to bite on it a bite. I thought he might have an issue with getting his tongue over it, but so far, he hasn't done that once. I wanted to give him a bit more time to try to acclimate to it, but I'm not concerned with what he's showing. He'll figure out that he can keep his mouth shut & hold it still.

Next week, we'll continue to work on One Rein Stops, his gas pedal, & Cruising in the snaffle bit.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

I do my best to get these updates posted in a timely manner, but it's not uncommon for me to be outside until after dark, depending on the weather, my schedule, & who gets worked when so updates will sometimes be posted quite late in the evening. Don't be alarmed if you don't see your update right away. In rare cases, I may have to push them until the next morning, but I'll reach out & let you know if so.


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