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Roam: August 11

This week, Roam had his first rides in the snaffle bit & his first rides with spurs. He's continued to do well during our brief pre-ride lunging with no funny business. We've reviewed One Rein Stops & Cruising in the snaffle bit. He's showing that he wants to be nice & soft. Very little bracing when steering. He's had no response to the bit thus far, but I haven't asked a lot with them yet. He still continues to chew on the bit when he's focused on it but finally learned that he could keep his mouth quiet after introducing him to my large training ball on the ground earlier in the week. That gave his mind something else to think about instead of solely focusing on the bit that he doesn't know what to do with. Once in the saddle, he'll chew on it off & on, but that will continue to dissipate.

Next week, I'll introduce Bend at the Walk & potentially Bending Transitions, depending on how Bend at the Walk goes.

- Lexy Nuesch


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

I do my best to get these updates posted in a timely manner, but it's not uncommon for me to be outside until after dark, depending on the weather, my schedule, & who gets worked when so updates will sometimes be posted quite late in the evening. Don't be alarmed if you don't see your update right away. In rare cases, I may have to push them until the next morning, but I'll reach out & let you know if so.

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