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Roach: October 7

Another good week for Roach! It was a bit shorter than preferred with Monday's rain (which we desperately needed) & an unexpected trip to O'Neill on Wednesday.

We've continued to work on Desensitizing to the Lead Rope & Stick & String, Yielding the Hindquarters & Forequarters, Backing, Lunging Stage 1 & 2, Flexing, Sending, & Circle Driving.

Leading by the Feet has been pushed back once again as I like to have three to four consecutive days to work on that, so that will begin on Monday with Jeffrey's Method beginning mid-week. He'll also be moving to a slightly bigger pen next week as well now that he is more comfortable being caught.

I've unfortunately received word that Jennifer with Knotty Equine is taking some time off from working on horses to deal with some family matters, so I will be reaching out to another trusted equine dentist & my chiropractor to replace the Knotty Equine work.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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