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Roach: October 21

More big mental (& physical) changes for Roach this week.

We've continued to work on our previous groundwork exercises & he continues to grow quieter & more confident.

On Wednesday, Roach received his first dental. He had some baby incisor caps that were pulled along with a couple of molar caps. He didn't have any wolf teeth to pull. He also had some pretty sharp points that were causing lacerations on his tongue. He should feel much better now! I also took advantage of the sedation following his dental & got him all trimmed up.

He's been great in the larger pen. If he doesn't come up to me first, he allows me to approach & halter with no problems.

Today, we began desensitizing to the saddle pad & he had little issue with it. Pending Monday's weather, we should be saddling Tuesday or Wednesday. If I didn't have a full weekend of trimming & lessons, we would likely do it tomorrow.


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.


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