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Roach: November 20

Everyone enjoyed today's warmer weather after the cold week we had.

With the cold weather & wind, our sessions this week were spent reviewing our previous groundwork, the cotton flank rope. worked on our foot-handling skills, & introduced the Turn & Draw exercise.

Roach does still have a tendency to get reactive when he initially feels the rope tighten, but he's gotten quick about coming back to me mentally.

With the warm weather this week, we'll be doing two sessions a day, as I would really like to have him ready & comfortable enough for his first rides on this coming weekend. However, we'll just have to see where he's at. It's difficult to put these sensitive horses on a schedule with deadlines.

Dr. Kendal Smith was scheduled to come up Monday & Tuesday (November 14 & 15) to work on horses. Unfortunately, her pickup broke down on her way, so we've rescheduled for Wednesday, November 23rd. Hope you & your family have a great Thanksgiving!


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.


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