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Roach: November 11

A cold but good week for Roach. I was hit with a fever Sunday night & Monday & so I laid low for a couple of days. From Wednesday on, we continued to work with the rope & standing tied. While he still has moments of reaction, he's thinking through things much better & sooner. Because of this, his confidence has grown immensely & he's noticeably quieter.

He also moved into a bigger pen with another client mare, Iris, earlier this week. He's continued to be great to catch even in the larger space & another horse to potentially feed off of energy-wise. Dr. Kendal Smith comes up on Monday & Tuesday (November 14 & 15) to help us preg-check cattle, work on horses, & help one of my personal horses cross the rainbow bridge. She will be looking over Roach & will make any adjustments necessary.


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.

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