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Roach: March 26

Roach has been progressing quite well!

He's had his first full rides in the round pen since his last update.

The first ride surpassed my expectations. I was prepared to help him through some tight spots as he got the feel of trotting & loping under saddle for the first time. It was a fairly textbook first ride. We walked, trotted, & loped in both directions. It took a little bit to get him to lope & I had to encourage him with my rein, which he handled well. Once through the paces, we worked on some inside & outside turns. He got a bit stuck when turning to the outside from left to right, but that's not uncommon during those first couple of rides. Considering the still-wet conditions of the round pen, he carried himself well.

The second ride went just as well. His inside & outside turns were much smoother.

This week, we'll get a couple more rides in the round pen without a helper. The arena is still a bit too wet to ride in yet, so we'll see how he does. We might get out into the pasture if he shows that he can handle it.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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