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Roach: January 6

It's safe to say that we've had enough snow to last us the rest of the winter here. If only we'd be that lucky!

After the ~15" of snow that dropped earlier in the week, we continued to work on Pick Me Up From the Fence. Roach has done spectacularly with this. Those two weeks off from being caught & saddled seem to have made all of the difference. He's gotten quite good a pulling up to the fence with minimal effort. This week, I've also begun to sit on him with full weight from the fence. He's handled that like a pro - by nearly falling asleep!

This is exactly the response I've been waiting to see!

After this initial video today & we had wrapped up our session, I had to come back to his pen to shut the hydrant off. He followed me through the pen back to the fence. As I was crawling back over, I wanted to see if he would respond to my body language & park himself by the fence without a halter on. I raised my hand & he did just that. He was content to let him sit & scratch on him a bit which brought about some good releases (yawning).


Next week's update will be posted on Thursday.

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